November 12, 2020

CLK Market Update

November 2020 ~

 With so much talk about people buying properties over Facetime and Melbourne people keen to get out of the city and relocate to regional areas to, we felt it was a good time to discuss what’s really happening with the national, state and local real estate market.

 Local Echuca Moama Market

 Charles L King and Co Director, Troy O’Brien confirms the strength of the regional property market and growth from Melbourne buyers showing a lot of interest in our...


October 22, 2020

What is Openn Negotiation?

How Does an Online Auction Work?


There have been many, ongoing challenges for the real estate industry throughout COVID-19 restrictions and during this period we’ve adapted our practices and adopted online auctions through the Openn Negotiations platform.

Although we are now once again able to hold outdoor auctions with up to 10 people, plus the required staff, we are still using Openn Negotiations with three of our current homes for sale.

Despite some obvious challenges we have actually discovered that online auctions...


September 17, 2020

Sell with CLK this Spring!

Spring has always been a popular time to sell. The sun is shining, the garden looks great and buyers are out and about after a long winter.

So, how can you get your place ready for lookers this spring and shift your home from ‘living’ mode to ‘selling’ mode? If you’re keen to get you place on the market while the sun is shining, we’ve collated all the intel you need in this blog to ensure first impressions are a winner...


August 12, 2020

CLICK HERE for CLK Covid-19 Update

The recent announcement of Stage-4 restrictions in Melbourne and Stage-3 restrictions across regional Victoria have led to some confusion around what real estate activities are currently permitted. 

Here at CLK, we are operating subject to Stage-3 restrictions, which means our office is still open for walk-in customers, phone calls and emails whilst adhering to government COVID-19 protocols.  Most of our staff are operating from home, however, are still able to carry out essential duties, including private appointments for property viewings. 

The most...


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