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The recent announcement of Stage-4 restrictions in Melbourne and Stage-3 restrictions across regional Victoria have led to some confusion around what real estate activities are currently permitted. 

Here at CLK, we are operating subject to Stage-3 restrictions, which means our office is still open for walk-in customers, phone calls and emails whilst adhering to government COVID-19 protocols.  Most of our staff are operating from home, however, are still able to carry out essential duties, including private appointments for property viewings. 

The most important point for you as a customer to be aware of is that the restrictions you are subject to at your home address follow you wherever you go.

 In summary:

  • All open home inspections have been cancelled 
  • Private appointments to inspect property are permitted – one at a time
  • All current auctions will be completed via online methods, and all newly listed auctions can ONLY be completed via online methods
  • Persons living in regional Victoria may leave home for activities related to dealing with residential property (located in regional Victoria) such as:

o   Signing a contract

o   A private inspection appointment

o   Maintenance matter related to selling/buying/or leasing

  • Persons living in metro Melbourne may travel to regional Victoria for activities related to dealing with residential property such as when:

o   Their place of ordinary residence is no longer available or suitable

o   For the purposes of a private inspection of residential property organised in accordance with current restrictions, if, at the start of the ‘stay-at-home’ period that person had already signed a contract that is scheduled to settle during the ‘stay-at-home’ period

o   For the purposes of moving to the new premises at which the person will live

o   A permit for your travel will be required, and, evidence of your ordinary residence no longer available or suitable should be provided to us in advance and carried with you whilst on the way to and from the appointment.

If you require a pre-settlement inspection during Stage-3 restrictions, please contact your agent’s mobile directly to arrange an appointment. We will then email confirmation of your appointment. It is essential that you carry a copy of this email with you on the way to the appointment, in case the police wish to verify your purpose of travel. Should you develop flu-like symptoms in the lead up to your appointment, or have been required to self-isolate, you must inform us before arriving for the appointment.

When you attend your appointment:

1.     Please wear a facemask

2.     Don’t bring anybody else with you

3.     No contact. No shaking hands

4.     Maintain physical distance of 1.5m

5.     Don’t touch anything in the home (ask for your agent’s assistance)

In terms of rental property management, we are permitted to:

  • Arrange private inspection appointments (one on one)
  • Facilitate the commencement of new leases (one on one)
  • Conduct end-of-lease inspections (to facilitate release of bond etc)

We appreciate that you may have questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to phone or email and we will do our best to assist, while acting lawfully.

Yours faithfully,

Gary Wood & Troy O’Brien


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