Is winter a good time to sell your home?

If you ask most real estate agents they would say that ‘anytime’ is a good time to sell you home! Some would say that the warmer, summer months are the best times to sell, however don’t discount selling in the cooler months.

 Winter usually slows down for our CLK team each year, however we’ve been buoyed this year by a prosperous autumn real estate market, particularly in our regional area, which has seen some outstanding results stretch deep into the winter months.

 CLK Director Troy O’Brien said this winter has been particularly busy, on the back of a hectic autumn selling period.

 “Usually things slow down quite a lot towards the end of autumn, but we have had enjoyed a full open house and listings schedule so far this winter,” Troy said.

 “Our regional market has been strong this year, and our busy selling season has stretched well beyond the warmer months,” he said.

 In The Real Estate Conversation Mount Martha real estate agent and commentator Sam Danckert said even though “gardens are in full bloom and houses do look at their best (in summer)… selling in late autumn and winter has its advantages”. 

 “Autumn can often be a busy time in real estate, as families have had time to recover from the summer holidays and get into a new school year before thinking about moving house.

 “Traditionally a key reason to wait until spring or summer before listing a property was to ensure the best quality photographs, but in the digital age images are enhanced to boost lighting, making it less crucial to sell during those months,” he said.

 CLK Director Gary Wood believes while the number of homes for sale decrease during the colder months, and there are fewer buyers about, people either buying or selling are in the marketplace for serious reasons and tend to be more decisive.

 Gary also suggests that despite there being fewer homes for sellers to compete with, homeowners should still invest in making their home shine in winter.

Here are some tips from to make your home hot property this winter:

  • Take away the chill of winter by accessorising with an earthy colour palette of autumn pinks, olive greens and burnt oranges.
  • Bring some cosiness to your home and rug up a room by covering concrete or tiled surfaces, and add soft textures of wool knits and mohair.
  • If you’re selling your home, light up your home by pulling up the blinds and ensure lights, including lamps in all rooms.
  • Heat your home ahead of your open house so it is cosy and warm for potential buyers.
  • The winter weather can play havoc on the façade of your home – wipe down windows as rain shows up grime, and clear pathways of leaves.
  • Ensure drains and gutters are maintained so that rainwater washes away quickly.
  • Show off outdoor spaces with gas heating or a fire pit as well as comfy cushions scattered around entertaining areas.
  • Add some colour to the garden with annuals and plants in bloom to take away from the bleakness of winter.
  • Pop a welcome mat outside the front door – not only will it protect any carpeted areas, it will show prospective buyers of your property you care about your home.

If you’re keen to step into the market this winter, make a time today with our CLK Sales Team for a FREE house appraisal and get the ball rolling on your new home.







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