Regional property market looking the goods

Regional property investment is looking like a sure bet according to a recent Sunday Herald Sun article (18/2/18) by Scott Carbines stating “the property markets of regional areas are better positioned for the next three years than Melbourne’s”.

The News Corp publication referred to a report by Propertyology that mentioned eight regional areas, with median house prices below $400,000, which would outperform Melbourne for growth in the next few years.

This report stated boosts in the agricultural and tourism industries had improved the outlook of regional areas and we firmly place Echuca Moama within this collective, with a median house price of $335,000, and located in the heartland of strong regional tourism and farming sectors.

Here at CLK we’ve seen a recent increase in buyers from the Melbourne market looking to make a tree change, and those from outer Melbourne northern postcodes including Gisborne, Riddles Creek; buyers looking to move even further from the ever-expanding city limits.

Echuca Moama has long been a popular holiday destination for many of our buyers, who ultimately decide to make a lifestyle choice and move permanently to our riverside community.

The good news is that this ‘lifestyle’ decision is now also regarded as a smart financial choice, with the aforementioned article which listed city based “buyer fatigue, incoming supply and reduced investor activity amid tightened government and banking restrictions” as reasons why regional property investment is looking the goods right now.

The Propertyology report mentioned also confirmed what we already know about regional areas in relation to affordability, economic diversity, essential infrastructure (new hospital and schools right here in Echuca Moama) and a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle that’s the envy of many city folk.

Add to our region’s appeal the advancement in technology, which allows more professionals to work from home and our close proximity to Melbourne and Echuca Moama shines as the ultimate tree-change destination.

Essentially, this article (see attached) confirms property investment in regional areas like Echuca Moama is a sure thing and, coupled with current low interest rates, is a fantastic entry-level option for many investors.

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