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16 Jun 21

Openn Negotiation is here to stay

Last year delivered many challenges for the real estate industry with COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns preventing both  open homes and private inspections. We adapted quickly with Zoom inspections becomming the norm and auctions shifting online thanks to platforms such as Openn Negotiation.

Openn Negotiation involves a simple online bidding process that is designed to be open and fair for both buyers and sellers and this is one of the reasons for its continued popularity when it comes to selling your home.

Despite live and onsite auctions coming back on line, we are still using Openn Negotiations as just one of the methods for sale here at CLK.

Openn Negotiation auctions have suited many of our vendors who preferred to market and sell their property using the most transparent method available. Another benefit of the patform is that it also allows buyers to openly negotiate on price and everyone can see what's happening at any time during the process.

Successful results has also been a cornerstone of the Openn Negotiation process with a central Echuca property involving four registered bidders, and a total of 24 bidders, selling for $115,000 above the reserve – a great result for all involved!

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions coming back into play across both NSW and Victoria several times during 2021 (thus far!) Openn Negotiation is extremely helpful to ensure it's business as usual and we can keep things moving for those keen to sell their homes. 

It’s been wonderful to have access to tools such as Openn Negotiation during what has been a challenging year as we've all learn to navigate a new COVID normal.

In saying that, its important to remember that there are still some very important benefits of traditional onsite auctions that cannot be replicated online. Competition at live onsite auctions can be fierce and it's hard for buyers not to get swept up in the emotion and theatre of a lively auction process.

Online auctions, however, do allow the vendor the ability to accept varied terms including the option to accept subject to offers/bids, which allows more prospective buyers the ability to bid. This can, as a consequence, increase the number of prospective purchasers bidding for the property.

We currently have three of the best local auctioneers in the business, Gary Wood, Troy O’Brien and Travis Hore, who are all skilled to achieve the best possible result in an astute and professional way.  In addition, all our sales team members are all certified to sell via online auction and also continue to work hard for our vendors, selling more than half of all properties by private sale.

Call our CLK Sales Team today on (03) 54 822 111 to discuss the best sales method for your home, and for a free appraisal to find out what your home might be worth.

Find out more about Openn Negotiation here.



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